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Doraemon Movie 20 – Nobita Ki Nayi Duniya In HD

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Nobita was reading a picture book. In that he sees Adam and Eve disobeying God and eating the apple in the garden of Eden. Nobita comments that their descendants have to face many difficulties because of Adam and Eve’s mistake. Then Doraemon reminds Nobita that he had to do his summer vacation research homework. Then Nobita decides to see his friends research homework. As Dekisugi ranks first in the class, he decides to see his project first. Then Nobita finds that Dekisugi has finished his research on Ninjutsu. Then Nobita goes to see on what is Shizuka researching. Then he finds Shizuka is keeping observatory on The Morning glory plant. Then he goes to see what is Gian doing and he discovers that Gian has done nothing on his project. Then Gian and Nobita go to see what Suneo is doing and they see that Suneo is filling helium in a balloon with a letter containing a telephone card. The person who finds the letter gets the telephone card. He will receive location of where the balloon dropped by telephone, and then he will record it on his map. Then Suneo can record everyday’s weather and wind direction. Then Gian threatens Suneo and gets a share of his project. Nobita gets frustrated and blames Adam and Eve.

So Nobita creates a new world from scratch using one of Doraemon’s devices. He creates a new Solar System, but while he is stirring the asteroids around the Sun, he stops, and the planets are pulled into the Sun as a result. Doraemon reverses this and then, they get to see how Earth settles to have life, from tiny cells to dinosaurs. Doraemon takes Nobita to his universe. To speed up the process, Doraemon catches the ancestor of dinosaurs, a fish and uses the Evolution Degeneration Beam on it to evolve it, but a fly comes in the way of the light. Nobita tries to get a Tyrannosaurus Rex to obey him, but it doesn’t. On the way back up, they see an asteroid. Back in Nobita’s room, they see the asteroid hit Earth, and the dinosaurs perish. Nobita is devastated, but Doraemon comforts him. Then, Doraemon brings Gian, Suneo and Shizuka. All of them enter Nobita’s universe, where they get to see all of the creations.

The next day, only Doraemon, Nobita and Shizuka visit the universe, where they see civilizations. Doraemon and Shizuka wander off to other countries, while Nobita goes to Japan and follows his lookalike, a doctor, who is treated badly by Suneo’s lookalike, another doctor. Nobita’s lookalike, on the way home, rescues a creature, Chunko. When Chunko disappears, Nobita’s lookalike follows it to the underworld, where the inhabitants perform for him and give him riches. When the daughter of Suneo’s lookalike vanishes, they go to the mountain to look for her, and see a spirit.

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